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trade show promotional products

Trade show giveaways are usually up for grabs, especially in various business events and exhibits. You can consider them as “hooks” of articles or the editor’s copy of books – they are relevant products and essential in business.
That’s the reason they’re called “trade show giveaways,” not “throwaways.”
Here with us at Winsell Promotions, we know, and we’re aware, that about 70% of business cards are thrown in the trash, and that’s why we leveraged our knowledge and expertise in producing custom products to be able to create exceptional-quality trade show giveaways.

Trade Show Giveaways Ideas

The purpose of  giveaways is to attract attention from consumers or attendees of events, exhibits, and other types of business gatherings. Based on customer demand, the best trade show giveaways revolve around lanyards, pens, bottles, notebooks, non-woven bags and tents, socks & other types of apparel, and many others.
We here at Winsell Promotions have a heap of prepared giveaway ideas. If you have your share of ideas, our Research & Development (R&D) team is more than ready for those adjustments.

Eco-Friendly Trade Show Giveaways

Winsell Promotions is one with nature, which is why we promote the environment in every possible way. Most, if not all of our trade show giveaways are environmentally friendly, which means they’re safe and they do not harm the environment in any way.
NOTE: We use plastic as part of our arsenal, but we make it to the point that they are not dangerous to the environment.

Trade Show Swag

As a general business rule that we have, the trade show swag we’ll produce needs to be:

  • Attractive to consumers and clients
  • Useful
  • Strategically utilized

By achieving these three things, you can be assured that your brand will effectively raise awareness without paying for any marketing agency. Allow your brand to flourish like a flower – all by itself through the use of high-quality trade show giveaways.

Custom Socks

custom socks

Custom socks are one of the best types of offers when it comes to trade show giveaways because of a few things – but the most influential factor is because people use them, they’re kept in closets, and they’re compact.
Based on our previous clients, socks make it home 100%. They’re easy to store, and they have a more useful function compared to other types of trade show swag items

Cheap Conference Giveaways

Cheap does not always equate to bad – in fact, you’ll be able to find multiple manufacturers and suppliers of cheap conference giveaways that would never keep you short of what you expect.
Furthermore, cheap conference giveaways are usually small consumable stuff such as custom brand hand sanitizers, branded lip balms, mint dispensers, gums, and much more!

Best Trade Show Giveaways

The best trade show giveaways are not those that are the most expensive. Instead, they have to be functional and valuable, and they should successfully ensure that your brand is being recognized in different areas.
We here at Winsell Promotions conduct deep research in identifying the best trade show giveaways, depending on your business.

Bulk Promotional Items Cheap

Purchasing promotional items in bulk or wholesale can be cheap and affordable if you work with the proper manufacturer.
Remember, not all trade show giveaways are made equally. You will be able to find manufacturers and companies that produce low-quality promotional items. Don’t always opt for cheap – consider the price, too!

Are Trade Show Giveaways Under $1 Effective?

promotional trade show products
promotional trade show products

Yes,  that cost less than a dollar can be as effective as expensive ones. We  were able to find out that the price or the type of item does not always matter. What matters is how they’re given, what events businesses attend, and the consumers involved.
To help you identify items or giveaways that are under a dollar, the best ones are:

Pens and Pencils/Other Writing Instruments
Notebooks and Paper
Non-woven bags

NO matter what your budget may be, you can choose inexpensive promotional swag that does not have to break the bank. Low prices do not have to mean and cheap return on your marketing investment.

Fast Food Chains and Food Hubs

A perfect example of businesses that offer in-company products to consumers or those who aren’t employees is fast food businesses, food hubs, etc. You may find things like shirts, visors, mugs and cups, custom socks, and even shirts worn by consumers or the public.
If you’re wondering why they’re part of the best, even if you don’t see them often, then it is because they’re often used and worn out quickly because of the intensity of usage.

Software Companies

Software companies( Alibaba,Tencent) attend exhibits, events, and expos because their main product is not tangible – it will be difficult to advertise it physically. So, they need these trade show giveaways to raise awareness for their brand and what they can do.

Schools (Colleges and Universities)

Schools like colleges and universities are also popular entities for offering products similar to trade show giveaways to the public. Products often provided  are apparel – from shirts, caps, and jackets to custom school socks, bands, and many more.
Even if this is the case, you’ll still be able to find a few other products these schools offer to the public to raise brand awareness and ensure that their entity will be known.

Why Winsell Promotions is the Best  Manufacturer?

For years, Winsell Promotions has been China’s most trusted custom and personalized goods manufacturer. We’ve produced everything from customized and personalized goods to high-quality trade show giveaway items.
We can guarantee high-quality items with fast shipping options and flexible payment terms! The best thing about working with us is that we have our Research & Development (R&D) team that can fully personalize and customize all your orders in the best ways possible.
Not only that, but we can also give you full guarantee and assurance that the trade show giveaways

Get a Free Quote From Us!

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever type of business field or industry you’re in, you can count on us here at Winsell Promotions for  you want and need.
Reach out to us, and we will send over a free estimate or a free quotation of your trade show giveaways, whether you’re looking for custom socks, custom bags, custom shirts, custom jackets, and many others!


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