Team Sports

Team Sports

Team Sports

Whether you’re a fan of contact sports, mental sports, cohesive sports, or any other sports category and require sports team uniforms and merchandise, you can bank and count on us here at Winsell Promotions.

For over 25 years in promotional industry, we have produced many different types and kinds of sports team merchandise for various organizations and companies around the world.

Here’s a sneak peek of the sports team uniform and other products we offer so you can gauge early whether or not we are the business or the company you want to work with.

Custom Sports Uniforms

Whenever we talk about custom sports uniforms, we at Winsell Promotions aren’t restricted to athletic sports and departments. Our custom sports team uniforms encompass the usual or traditional essence of it. It’s also offered in certain retail shops and stores, as well as retail fitness shops, too! You won’t have a problem choosing our custom sports uniforms because we produce and manufacture with quality. All our custom sports uniforms undergo tests and assessments from socks, jerseys, team apparel, sweatsuits, and more!

Design Your Own Sports Uniform

Have you ever encountered a system that allows you to customize your sports uniforms? Yes, that is what we do here at Winsell Promotions. The difference between us is that we have a Research & Development (R&D) team that can tailor to what you want and need – we’ll create samples you can choose from and then decide from there! You won’t have to do it all – hand over a design, style, or draft, and we will get it for you no matter how significant or scalable the volume is!

Team Uniforms

Team uniforms are usually offered in bulk, starting from 8 pieces of twin apparel, which can go up to 10 or even 16 in some instances. Our experts and innovators here at Winsell Promotions are capable of creating such sports team uniforms. You can customize and personalize the team uniforms you can order for us. If you were asking, we’ve partnered with some of the world’s most prestigious and world-renowned companies and organizations.

Athletic Custom Socks

If you think custom socks are similar to athletic ones, think again. Over the years, we have produced an influx of custom socks in our arsenal – which is why we’ve been able to create athletic custom socks for our clients. Athletic custom socks are long socks that are thick and are purposely made for sporting activities. Pick the color, size, structure, and even the materials you want, and we’ll manufacture them for you!

Sports Jersey Wholesale Suppliers

We here at Winsell Promotions have been Wuxi’s most trusted sports jersey wholesale supplier as we have supplied thousands of businesses, companies, and organizations worldwide. We haven’t received any adverse reactions or complaints about the quality of our product, as well as the pricing. Whatever size you want, we can procure them for you! You have to send us a rough draft of the sports jerseys you want, and we will send a copy of them before passing them through the processing unit.

Custom Socks

Custom socks are socks that are custom and personalized when it comes to structuring, color, shape, length, and even design. Frequently, custom socks are casual socks and are used for events, brand awareness, and fashion. Whatever use you’ll have for it, our team of experts and engineers can help you through.

Team Jerseys Baseballs

Jersey baseball uniforms are one of the most common forms of sports uniforms before. Its popularity grew up in the early 2000s when people started to use it as a fashion statement. You’ll find many baseball teams offering their brand, especially those that have been championing it previously. We at Winsell Promotions can accommodate multiple requests regarding this, and we can create and customize it according to the designs and styles you want!

Custom Team Jerseys Basketball

Baseball jerseys are part of the most famous types of sports uniforms, and basketball is another. We can also accommodate your requests in manufacturing and supplying customized basketball jersey uniforms! And if you think you’ll get regular basketball jerseys, think again! The custom basketball team jerseys we will produce will be one-of-a-kind, accurate, and custom to whatever type of brand you’re offering!

Custom Sports Jerseys

While baseball and basketball custom jerseys are our forte, we can help you produce high-quality general jerseys and team outfits, too – no doubt about that! We have innovators and experts here at Winsell Promotions that you can count on if you require general sports jerseys. We can translate the draft you’ll be sending us, and we can produce a sample of a copy printed or in digital format.

Custom Crew Socks

Custom crew socks are somewhat similar to athletic custom socks. The only difference is that these crew socks are often thinner and more breathable. That won’t matter, anyway, since you will be the one to dictate what kind or type of material you want us to use on your custom crew socks. We’ll be the vehicle or the medium that will organize everything from start to finish – what you see is what you get!

Our streamlined processes, methodologies, and scary support from our suppliers are the key things we have here at Winsell Promotions. Not only are we going to help you out in producing high-quality sports team uniforms, but we can also deliver promising reoccurring results for you and your business!

How Do Other Businesses Use Sports Team Apparel For Their Business?

Team Sports
Sports team apparel such as uniforms, custom socks, jerseys, or any other product is primarily used to raise brand awareness. We can talk about how they’re used all day, but the point is that they are used for marketing and advertising.

Here are among the best few examples of businesses and corporations we can give you that use sports team uniforms and athletic custom socks exceptionally.

Local Sports Organizations

Local sports organizations are some of the top establishments and organizations that ask for sports team jerseys in bulk and wholesale. These are often athletic departments handled in cities, municipalities, and even regional consortiums. These organizations use sports team uniforms to offer people products that have their distinction between carrying the name and legacy.

Olympic Organizations

Olympic organizations such as the Southeast Asia Games (SEA Games), the Olympics, and other world-renowned Olympic organizations also use sports team apparel and uniforms. In case you didn’t notice, it’s not easy to find legitimate items of these, but here with us at Winsell Promotions, we can get you better versions and colors of what you often depicted as “the best!” Just send over a draft or idea you’re getting at, and we will turn that into reality.

Exercise Councils and Consortiums

Last, and most definitely not east, are consortiums and councils related to sporting and extra-curricular activities. You’ll find many fitness and health organizations, gymnasiums, exercise centers, and many more! Part of their merchandise is branded items, so why not use them to market and advertise themselves?

Winsell Promotions will be your favorite go-to sports team uniform manufacturing company. W will produce everything you need in less time than you expect! You may be able to find many other companies that have the exact offers as us, but can they do it in such a fashion as how we do it?

Here are some of the top reasons why we’re sure you’ll consider us your best option.

Why Choose Winsell Promotions For Your Sports Team Uniforms and Custom Socks?

Our team here at Winsell Promotions comprises the industry’s best researchers, most qualified procurement specialists, and the best engineers and experts to create the perfect custom sports team uniforms and products for you and your clients!

Since our big hit in the industry, we’ve never run out of ideas and methods for producing athletic products and company swag for our clients.

  • You will be able to get your orders and requests in less than 45 days after payment.
  • We have a low and decent minimum order quantity (MoQ)
  • We have an extensive catalog of company swag and sports and athletic products you can choose from
  • Our company is equipped with the most viable Research & Development (R&D) team

Get a Free Quote Today!

Don’t waste time checking in with other companies that will make you wait days before knowing how much you’ll need. Reach out to us here at Winsell Promotions, and within hours, we will produce the information you need.

Pricing will never be a problem since we offer many discounts and promotions, especially when you purchase sports team products in bulk or wholesale!

Work with us and get the best promotional items you can get all over China!


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