For each order, we have very strictly quality control, and our QC will inspect socks one by one; our process is as follows:

1. We will measure the sock’s size and carefully check the sock’s material.

2. The Logo is essential for each sock; we will inspect each woven Logo on the hose and pick out the poor quality.

3. We will compare Pantone color to the absolute socks product to ensure each thread of socks will get the right color that our client needs.

4. We will also check the sock package, not only the label and color box but also the outside carton; they should pack each pair of socks well and print with the right mark.

5. Every our client will receive a quality report after the inspection is finished. Only all socks passed; we will send out all products.

6. If our client is unhappy with the qualify, we will refund the purchase price.

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