How Do You Get Promotional Products Price ?

promotional products price

Getting a precise or accurate estimate of promotional products price and orders can be tricky, especially with some manufacturers and suppliers. And while we won’t leave you with questions here at Winsell Promotions, we decided to give you a sneak peek of how you can get precise estimates of your orders!

promotional products quotation

Step #1: Identify the Transaction First

First, you need to confirm the type of transaction you want to do. It would help if you talked it with the manufacturer of your choice, so you know what to prepare for.

Yes, this would include the fees for delivery, freight, cargo, and documents involved in the process. You want to ensure that you know the price of everything, one step at a time. how to choose right shipping term, pls click here to learn more 

Once you’re done with that, the next thing you need to consider or worry about would be the…

Step #2: Get Quotes For Quantity of promotional products

Quantity, quantity, quantity – in commercial transport, amount dictates more than 50% of the price. Of course, the heavier your goods are, the more expensive it is.

This will now depend on the type of product or orders you have. In a Chinese manufacturer setting, most businesses would have an MoQ of about $1,200 to $1,500 – this will still depend, though.

So, if your order is like that, clarify the freight and shipping costs you still would have to pay with your manufacturer.

Of course, the more you purchase, the better discounts you will get – but what if that doesn’t account for the shipping costs? Would that still be valuable and profitable? Of course not.

Double-check the costs of the quantity or the volume of your orders first.

Step #3: Check Private Labeling and Packaging Costs

In step 2, we identified the price and ratio based on the quantity – but what about private labeling or customization of the packaging? Doesn’t that cost something, too?

Yes, it does! And most companies will not tell you this simply because they expect you to know it. Not with us here at Winsell Promotions, though. We say to our clients everything – from A to Z!

Several businesses have rip-off prices regarding private labeling, but with us? You won’t have a problem, and that is a guarantee!

Take this as an example, and you purchase a set of tote bags, which cost about $0.50 each. Now, you want these bags to have labels on them, right? So, the manufacturer will tell you that it costs $0.50 more, bringing the total up to a whole dollar for each tote bag made!

It would just be a small amount, but what if the volume is at 10,000 units? That’s a staggering $5,000 extra! You want to clarify everything with your manufacturer before pursuing a deal, so you don’t get shocked by how much you have to pay.

Step #4: Reconfirm the artwork

And for the last step, you want to reconfirm the artwork (AI,PDF,PSD) of promotional products . it effect prices a lot  Nothing beats sureness and preparedness, especially in the sourcing or supplication industry. pls click here to learn more artwork 

Double-check, even triple-check, the promotional products price you’ll pay for everything. Start with the service, the production, then move on to the labeling and packaging, and lastly, the transport.

Clarify what transportation and delivery method you will use, and you can go from there.

What is the Best  promotional products prices?

In understanding this, it’s safe to say that not all promotional products prices are made equally. There’ll be products and goods that are better with FOB, while some are better with FCA. It will depend on the products and orders you have.
I know all of these may be a lot to absorb, but one thing I’ll tell you is that our sourcing company, Winsell Promotions, is more than ready to help you with what you need!
You simply have to give us all the information you think we need to know, and we will do the drafts on our end, and we’ll be good to go!


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