Custom Mesh Hats

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Custom Mesh Hats

Looking for the perfect custom baseball cap? Look no further than Winsell! With their years of expertise and experience, we are dedicated to creating the best quality caps that you’ll love. 

A custom baseball cap is a hat made specifically for an individual or group, usually with a logo, design, or message that has been personalized for the wearer. Custom baseball caps are popular in sports teams, corporate businesses and hobby groups. They can come in many colors and styles to match any team’s uniform or corporate design. 

Authority Certificate of Beanies

We are proud of our custom  beanies tested by BSCI,SGS, Sedex,Intertek, authority and each one is high-quality doubled checked by our QC.






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To ensure your production quality stays top-notch, we recommend starting with at least 300 pcs , We understand that investing in these items can be costly – just one embroidered hat is priced around $75, and a single leather patch hat rings up to about $45.

Send to us via, or call us directly at 86-13901516154. or you can take a look at our artwork help, it will help you to make your logo perfectly on the baseball cap.

Our team strongly believes in creating perfect quality products, so that’s why we don’t cut corners when making baseball samples. We make sure to digitize your logo for an accurate result and run a test sew-out with the actual material you want before actually producing 1000 caps. This means that sometimes 2-4 samples may be required to get it just right – but trust us, perfection is worth the extra effort!

 Send it our way! For the best resolution, vector files are king. Vector allows us to manipulate the design so that it can appear as if we printed on a penny or even on the moon – no matter how drastically in size we need it, .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) and .svg (scalable vector graphics) have got you covered. If those options aren’t available, though, don’t worry – send over whatever highest res version of the file is accessible and let our team make sure your picture-perfect vision comes alive! if you need learn more information , pls check out artwork help

Snapback baseball caps are a must-have fashion trend for any wardrobe, boasting an adjustable fit that is sure to please everyone. The classic plastic closure adds the nostalgic charm of decades past and ensures even large heads can sport this timeless style! If you need learn more about baseball cap style , pls click here 

Give your logo treatment with embroidery work from the winsell promotion! Whether you want to sport it on a cap- we’ll ensure everything looks as sharp and detailed as possible. But remember that even our machines have limits regarding fine text and tiny intricate details – so be conscious of scaling down logos wider than 3″. Not too sure how they will come out. Let us help remove some worry by submitting your design for consultation at – where all suggestions are welcomed with open arms!

Before producing any items, we will send you a digitalized sample for approval. Our customizer also guarantees that the rendering of your design is true to form!

Usually, your order will be finished within three weeks after you confirm everything, including color, embroidery, patches, and packing. If you need to change everything, pls inform us before mass production. Otherwise, it will affect the final production time.

With our machines capable of taking up to 15 different thread colors, we strive to make your logo look exactly how you want it. While most people would never use more than 8 in one design, why not take advantage and get the unique effect that extra color can bring? Whether using an exact match from our many stocked hues or ordering a custom shade with no added cost–there’s practically no limit to what kind of vibrant art creation is possible!

Our handy tape measure makes getting the perfect fit for your beanies a breeze! Start before the forehead and pull around, following along until you return to where you first started. Measure comfortably above the ear while curving under your occipital bone at the back of your head – inches or centimeters can be used depending on which type of tape measure is utilized. learn head information now for an easy step-by-step guide to always having a great-looking lid!

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