Custom Logo Socks

Custom LOGO Socks

At Winsell, we understand that yourbrand is important to you. That’s why we offer custom logo socks that are made to your exact specifications. We use high-quality materials and craftsmanship to produce custom socks that are sure to make an impression. 

Whether you’re looking for a new way to promote your business or simply want to add some personality to your sock drawer, custom logo socks from Winsell are the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about our custom sock options and pricing. your fans

custom branded Socks

How to Use Custom LOGO Socks

Use custom logo socks for trade show giveaways, company swag, employee gifts - everybody wears socks!

company swag

Company Swag

Businesses and companies have their ways of dealing with marketing. One of the best ways of advertising and marketing company swag is by offering custom swag socks, branded socks, promotional socks, and other items and products in both local and national exhibits.

custom socks ,custom socks

Trade Show Giveaway

Tradeshow giveaways are usually up for grabs, especially in various business events and exhibits. You can consider them as “hooks” of articles or the editor’s copy of books – they are relevant products and are essential in doing business.

new hire package

New Hire Package

A new hire packet would be a single compact packaging that includes all the necessary employee new hire can be complicated, especially if you have a corporation

custom socks ,custom socks

Donor Gifts

A donor gift is defined as any item of value given to the university by a donor who expects nothing significant of value in return, other than recognition and disposition of the gift following the donor’s wishes

custom socks ,custom socks

Company Store

Company stores are retail stores that sell food, clothing, and different types of merchandise to people. And while they’re known as company stores, they aren’t only patronized by company employees

custom socks ,custom socks

Sports Team Uniform

Whether you’re a fan of contact sports, mental sports, cohesive sports, or any other category of sports and you are in need of sports team uniforms and merchandise

custom socks ,custom socks

Corporate Gifts

corporate gift is what you want to send something your employees, clients, hope they are impressed with your company.Looking for the best corporate gift ideas is problematic…

custom socks ,custom socks

Event Promotion

Event promotional items are products or items, in that sense, that are given to attendees of an event, exhibit, gathering, or fair.Often, the items offered by a 

Custom LOGO Socks Package Options

Packaging options for customized woven promotional socks

woven cuff tag
Woven Cuff Tag

Personalized woven tag sew on the customized socks

printed label
Printed Label

Personalized Label ( barcode etc)

printed cardboard packaging
Printed Cardboard

We have many modles to choose

bag with printed label
Bag with Printed Label

Clear Opp-bag with Logo Label and hand tag

Custom Logo Socks Pricing

The price of our custom socks mainly depends on your ordering quantity and country. You can also add additional service at a cost.

Buying from the United States or Canada? We ship all orders as DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) for hassle-free shipment, Custom duties and taxes cleared 

DDP USA by Sea
(30-35 Days)
 By Air flight
(15-20 days)
By Express
(7-15 days)
250 US$2.37 US$3.11 US$4.12 
500 US$1.79US$2.57 US$3.30 
1,000 US$1.58US$2.19 US$3.07 
2,500 US$1.39US$1.98US$2.78 
5,000 US$1.23 US$1.82 US$2.56 
10,000 US$1.16 US$1.73 US$2.45 

Contact us for wholesale price for 5,000+ pairs, you could custom any package you like , our agent will quote you accurate price


Winsell Promotion provides custom solutions and one-stop sourcing to Branded organizations, including Amazon, Corona, Google, Palm Bay, Kokanee, and Pepsi.

Our product team continually sources and adds new, trendsetting, and exclusive items to our promotional products. Additionally, we have thousands of proven best-sellers that organizations and companies across all industries use as their go-to products for branded merchandise and swag.

Our product manufacturers also monitor their supply chains and use third-party labs to assure compliance with applicable CPSIA, FDA, SEDEX, and state regulations.

The Totally team has been exceeding customer expectations for more than 25 years. Our experience in the promotional products business will help grow your company, amaze your guests, and maximize your exposure.

What We Have Achieved Since 2008

We help you one-stop solution for custom socks

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More Question on Custom LOGO Socks

Yes! We are happy to provide registered, qualified customers up to 2 (two) free sample products per order for the purpose of inspecting product quality and color. Call the phone number located on our website or Chat with an agent now 

  • Socks Samples are available to registered customers only.
  • Socks Samples may have a random imprint from a previous print job.
  • Socks Current Samples are free up to a $10 value per order, including shipping. If the total cost of the 2 sample products plus ground shipping exceeds $10, you may be charged the difference, with your approval. Charges for samples may be credited toward a future order of that product.
  • Socks usually arrive within 5-7 business days. Samples may expedited, however additional charges may apply.

Note that this policy does not cover pre-production proofs (also known as spec samples), which are products printed with your actual logo. Please chat with us or send mail to for more information on ordering pre-production proofs.

This is the time required to physically print your artwork on custom socks that you have ordered.

  • You can determine an item’s standard production time by looking under the Additional Information section on the product detail page.
  • Production time does not include time spent preparing artwork or shipping times.
  • Production time starts after the order has been reviewed and your virtual proof has been approved, and it stops once the products have been shipped from our manufacturer to your destination.
  • If you require your items sooner, please use livechat to speak with a Promotions Specialist or send us He or she can review your options for rush production and expedited shipping with you.
  • Remember also that special requests or additional services such as extremely large-quantity orders, PMS color matching, or art conversion may require additional production time.

File type, AI, EPS, PDF, PSD (hi res)1.3 point stroke is the smallest size, 8 point font size ,Pls send you design by wetransfer or send to our mail

our designer will help you create an incredible artwork once you send us your request 

Whether you’re curious about the cost of your order or the price difference between different designs or products, we’re always here to provide a quick, accurate price quote with no obligation to buy.

Your all-inclusive Custom Socks price is primarily determined by four things:

  1. The socks you select.
  2. if the socks logo is complicated.
  3. The total quantity of items in your order.
  4. The destination of your order

We try to offer you the lowest possible quantity 

  1. All of our socks have minimum order quantities listed online. If you absolutely need less than the minimum listed please call us, occasionally we can negotiate smaller orders with our manufacturers for a fee.
  2. This option is not available for all products. The less-than-minimum fee may vary, depending on the number of items being ordered and the manufacturer.
  3. Minimum quantity on site refers to the minimum available with the jacquard method shown. Minimums for other methods or blank products may vary.

  Should you require this service, please send us a mail by to get a quick reply or directly chat on website

Shipping costs  are calculated dynamically based on your ZIP code and the estimated weight of your custom order. If you have a preferred shipping carrier or method, you always have the option to provide us with a shipping account number, and we will ship your products using your account. If for whatever reason the shipping estimate we have provided is inaccurate, we will notify you and adjust your order accordingly. For more information, please review our Shipping Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions about the shipping costs on your order, please send us or LiveChat between 9 AM and 6 PM EST Monday through Friday to speak with a promotions expert.

Usually we use jacquard(woven)method on the custom socks, they are all avoid washed off the color . Pls click here to learn more information about the logo 

we realize that for many people, creating custom products online may be new. With that in mind, we’ve rigorously tested our fulfillment systems and over time have developed the best balance of automation and human supervision.

Customized goods are generally not accompanied by guarantees, We deliver high-quality products – products that look just like what you created on our site – and we do so on time.

If the custom bandana you receive differ materially from what you created by winsell, if the goods are otherwise flawed, or if your order arrives later than promised, then you may return the custom goods for a full refund, within 15 days of receiving your custom order. All we ask is that you notify winsell promtoion before returning any goods to ensure that your return is handled quickly and accurately.

If you have any questions or concerns about your order, call us for real, live help 7 days a week at