Beginners guide to promo art

Artwork Quality

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(A)File types

Below you will find a list of all the custom artwork file formats we accept. The goal is to make sure your design looks as fantastic on promotional products like t-shirts, hats, and other items made from plastic or paper alike! However, not every format works for everyone, so check out our Knowledge Center page, which discusses different options available when it comes time to start designing yours tod

  • Referred Vector File Types:

PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

  • Embed the fonts used or export as generic .eps

AI or EPS (Adobe Illustrator)

  • Convert text to outlines, embed any linked images

CDR (Corel Draw)

  • Convert text to curves

Other Accepted File Types:

DOC, PPT or PUB (Microsoft Office Files)

  • Embed or include fonts

BITMAPS (.jpg, .tif, .pcx, .gif, .png, .bmp)

B)PMS Color picker

We have a wide selection of colors to match your design needs! Ready for some color inspiration? Download our PMS file so you can find the perfect shade.

(C) Imprint Area and Size

Once your artwork is approved, the next step is adding your unique design to your item of choice. The imprint area is the space on the product where your company’s name and logo will be printed. This area is important to consider when designing your product, as it will be one of the first places customers will see your branding.

The design won’t look blurry or smudged because you’re in the designated imprint space. We also require a minimum font size for each product, so it’ll be easy to read! Certain items have a smaller imprint area than others. For instance, pens and stress balls have a smaller place to print your text or design than tote bags and t-shirts.

imrpint area and size

How to Convert Text to Outlines

In Adobe Illustrator, you can convert text to outlines so that it can be manipulated as if it were any other vector shape. This can be helpful if you need to make further adjustments to the text after converting it to outlines.

To convert text to outlines, select the reader with the Selection tool and go to Type > Create Outlines. Illustrator will then create a new vector shape for each letter in the text. You can then move, resize, and edit each letter individually. However, remember that once you convert text to outlines, it can no longer be edited as text. So if you need to make further changes to the original text, you will need to undo the conversion and start over again

how to convert text to outline

Raster vs Vector

Raster file, also known as a bitmap, is a 2D image made up of pixels. Unlike vector files, which are made up of lines and shapes, pixels are small units of color that can be combined to create an image. Raster files are traditionally used for photographs and other images with complex colors and shading.

A vector file is a type of graphic file that uses mathematical equations to draw points, lines, and shapes. This allows the image to be scaled up or down without losing any quality. Vector files are often used for logos and illustrations, as they can be easily converted into other formats such as JPG or PNG. One of the most popular vector file formats is Adobe Illustrator (.ai). Illustrator files can contain multiple layers and can be edited in a variety of ways, making them very versatile. In general, vector files are a great choice for any graphic that needs to be resized or edited, as they offer high quality and flexibility.

raster vs vector

Imprint Methods

Here is how your artwork attached to promotional items 

laser engraved

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a process of using lasers to create an image on a can be used on many different materials, including wood, metal, glass, and plastic.

silk screen

Screen Printing

A screen is made of a mesh stretched over a frame, and the ink is forced through the mesh using a squeegee.
 Screen printing can print on t-shirts, posters, stickers, and other materials.

design wrap


Lamination is the process of bonding two materials together with heat and can be made from many different materials, including paper, plastic, metal, and fabric. 



Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread and yarn. It like applique which can be done automatically without any human involvement at all!


Jacquard is a type of fabric that is often used in clothing and upholstery.
It is made by weaving together different colors of thread to create a pattern and can be very intricate and detailed, or they can be simple and subtle.



Emboss is a printing technique that creates a raised effect on paper or other materials. It is typically done with metal dies or stamps, and the raised design can be inked or left uninked.



Deboss is a process of creating depressions or sunken areas on the surface of a material.
It can be used to create raised or recessed designs, logos, and text on materials such as paper, leather, plastic, metal, and glass.



Sublimation is a type of phase transition or physical change, that occurs when a substance transitions from a solid to a gas without first becoming liquid.This process generally requires the application of heat in order for sublimation to occur.

heat transfer

Heat Transfer

It is a process of applying heat and pressure to transfer a design onto another surface.This method can be used on various materials, including fabric, metal, glass, wood, and ceramic. it is often used for creating customized t-shirts or other garments.

decorationg firing

Enamel Firing

The enamel firing process involves heating the metal object to a high temperature.This allows the enamel to fuse to the metal, creating a durable and decorative could used on camping mug, glass mug

foil stamp

Foil Stamp

Foil stamp is an imprint method that uses heat and pressure to transfer foil onto paper. It can be used to create raised or sunken designs, as well as different textures and colors. They have a luxurious look and feel, making them ideal for premium packaging or invitations.

offset printing

Full Color

Full-color printing is a printing technique that uses color inks to produce images or text in color. It is used for trendy promotional items, especially for colorful design photos. It can be done either digitally or using traditional printmaking techniques.

Free Digital Proof

To avoid the stress of wondering what your logo looks like on promotional products. At the last minute, do your thoughts change? No problem! Our professional sales will send you free digital proof before mass production. We also compiled a list with helpful advice. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn from these questions!

Pls review this video to learn how do you submit your artwork when you need promotional products

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