Artwork Guideline to Promotional Products

In producing custom promotional products, you need to make sure that you have an Products artwork guideline  you’ll provide to the manufacturer for their reference.However, most people fail to understand the essence and the relevance of artwork guideline. Then we will be walking you through how you can craft and create the best and the most appropriate artwork design for the manufacturing or building of your customized promotional products.

Unless you’re a graphic designer or graduated college with an art degree, you may not be 100% comfortable submitting artwork for your promotional products. With so much to think about, it’s difficult to know where to start. But don’t worry! We’re here to offer valuable advice on sending us your unique design.Here are questions to ask yourself to ensure you have the best artwork ready for submission:

What File Extensions Can You Submit For Your Artwork Guideline?

  • For the design and the styles of your custom promotional products, you need to submit a vector Art of your design promotional products.
  • Vector Art that is created within a graphics program such as Adobe® Illustrator or CorelDRAW®. It can be scaled up or down from any size and not lose visual resolution and sharpness within the image.
vector of Promotional products artwork

Nevertheless, the most common file extensions you need to submit your artwork to for the development of your custom promotional products are:AI/ EPS /PNG/PDFIf you search the market, though, you’ll find the extensions “.EPS” and. “AI” to be the most preferred.
Why? This is because they can be rendered more apparent, faster. Therefore, the quality of the artwork guideline  will be a lot better.
If not actual size, scan them at a higher resolution. This will prevent loss of quality.

What Size Do You Need Your Artwork Be In?

Most manufacturers of customized promotional products must be at a resolution of 600 dots per inch or DPI.

When it comes to the size of the artwork guideline, though, you need it to be well within the scope following the product. You’ll imprint and display your logo to ensure the highest quality. 

In a more precise and more accessible sense, the artwork should not occupy more than 80% of the surface of your product. It’s going to be the job of the custom promotional product supplier and manufacturer to adjust it, though.

For sending it, your design won’t look blurry, smudged, or cut off. For the same reason, we also require a minimum font size on a different customized promotional product. Certain items have a smaller imprint area than others. For instance, Promotional pens or Flash drive has a smaller place to print your text or design than Promotional tote bags and Promotional Drinkware.

What Are the Artwork Guideline Needed?

The artwork requirements needed for your custom promotional products would include:

Silk Screen Imprint

The imprint is the totality of the design that is needed for the customized promotional product. More often than not, you’ll have to supply the pattern in any accepted formats we discussed above.
Moreover, they should be completed using the Adobe Illustrator CC or lower version. Pls check more case


Embroidery is the decorative design made by hand, so long as it doesn’t go through any machine work.Akin to an imprint, you’d have to supply it through any official file versions and extensions.
Other artwork requirements custom promotional product manufacturers need include.Must be in the actual size of how it would be printed
Text layer prints must be converted and rasterized Multi-colored images must be separated and divided into layers,they are used to be embroidered on the baseball cap and Tshirt  
These are some of the most common artwork requirements you need to submit to customized promotional product suppliers and manufacturers.Engraving is a pressure process that transfers ink directly from an engraving plate onto the paper. Automatic presses can run at speeds between 4,000-5,000 impressions/hour. Hand-fed presses are much slower (1,000 impressions/hour is good),

Digital Printing

Digital is the process of making imprints from an electronic file. The artwork is created on a computer and directly printed onto the material. Digital printing usually used on Promotional Tshirts, tote bags, Promotional Drinkware, because of its complicated color and fast procession, they are trendy in promotional market


Engraving is a pressure process that transfers ink directly from an engraving plate onto the wood,silicone or card. Automatic presses can run at speeds between 4,000-5,000 impressions/hour. Hand-fed presses are much slower (1,000 impressions/hour is good), Notebook, cutting board , silicone bracelet will use this method

 NOTE: Different customized promotional product manufacturers and suppliers might ask for other things. Be sure to effectively communicate with your supplier so that you get the exact thing your business needs.

artwork requirement,artwork guideline

Silk Screen

embroidery of baseball cap


digital printing of tin box

Digital Printing

engraved cutting board


How Can I submit my design to your Company?

you can submit your design of Promotional Products through a few other convenient options.

Attach your artwork as a file  and send it to us at

Dropbox or Wetransfer
If your file is large than 10MB, Got Dropbox or Wetransfer installed on your computer . Upload your artwork file to your own Dropbox, make sure it’s public, and send the link to us at

Herewith us at Winsell Promotions, you can send us your copy of the artwork guideline in , .EPS.TIFF, and. AI file extensions.

So long as we’re able to work with whatever you give us, don’t worry! We will even help by suggesting and recommending styles and designs to you!

You don’t need to worry about the overall quality of the artwork and how it will appear on the custom promotional product – we use cutting-edge technology and highly advanced machines!

So, the next time you need help with the production or the manufacturing of custom promotional products and items, you can bank and count on us here at Winsell Promotions!

Wherever you are in the world, whatever business industry or sector you belong in, we’ll help. Never did we fail to execute all of our business processes for the need and the betterment of our clients’ businesses.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call or shoot us an email! We’ll be more than happy to help and assist you with all the custom promotional products you need! We will even get you a free quotation or a free estimate of the products and the orders you need!