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Businesses and companies have their ways of dealing with marketing. One of the best ways of advertising and marketing company swag is by offering custom swag socks, branded socks, promotional socks, and other items and products in both local and national exhibits.
And for over 25 years in business, Winsell Promotions have been China’s top manufacturer of company swag socks and custom socks in and outside the country.

The company swag socks we produce here at Winsell Promotions are custom-made and are guaranteed to be of the best and highest quality you want them to be. We can ensure quality over quantity by having over two decades of experience in manufacturing custom products to increase brand awareness.

What is Company Swag?

Company swags are promotional products businesses use to promote their brand. These usually are given away for free to employees, clients, and prospective customers. They can be anything from the simplest things like pens, t-shirts, key chains to coffee mugs, socks, bags, or anything that can make the business or company stand out.
This is why company swag is an essential part of every business and why we’re offering custom swag to our clients.
Company swag is generic, but they’re products given to staff members instead of consumers.

Branded Socks

Since the 1800s, socks have been one of the famous pieces of apparel because of their general use and functionality. Branded socks have been around for decades, and that is one of the main focuses that we have here at Winsell Promotions.

Custom Socks
Our custom socks are loved and purchased by many businesses, organizations, and enterprises. The vast collection and library of our custom socks are eco-friendly and AZO-free. We at Winsell Promotions are certified against all standards and certifications in manufacturing custom socks. You can personalize and customize your socks in all different ways you can.
Promotional Products
These are general items and products offered to consumers and employees to advertise and market their company in every way possible. Promotional products can be caps, mugs, shirts, bags, socks, clocks, keychains, etc. Even companies offer services as their promotional product, such as an app.

Promotional Items

These are just promotional products that focus on producing or manufacturing items instead of intangible products. The library of company swag products and articles at Winsell Promotions can have your logo, tagline, or any visual representing your business or company.
Winsell Promotions offers free designs for whatever ideas of company swag products you have! After 25+ years of being the best company swag supplier in the area of Wuxi, we are ready to produce the company swag you need for you!
Whether you need branded socks, custom socks, or even other promotional items and products, we are here to help you!

Does Marketing with Company Swag Work?

Absolutely. Numbers show company swag products get impressions and help brand perception. For instance, 85% of consumers in America report owning promotional products like pens and drinkware. Another 80% own promotional socks (which they continue to wear for some time).

We find that 59% of consumers keep their promo socks for more than a year. And another 45% keep them for over one and a half years. Millennials report owning five promo socks. What makes socks a great company swag item is the impressions they receive throughout their lifetime (roughly 3,400 images).

Let’s take a look at swag products that perform well:

Promotional socks: 93% of consumers own promo socks(40% own more than 10) and keep them for 12 months, granting 5,000 impressions.

Writing instruments: 87% of consumers own promo pens (20% own more than 10) and keep them for nine months, getting 2,000 impressions.

Bags: 72% of consumers own promo bags for around ten months, granting 3,300 impressions.

Headwear: 68% of consumers own promo hats (1/3 of men wear them weekly or more often) for around ten months, granting 3,200 impressions.

Calendars: 59% of consumers (33% women, 18% men) own promo calendars, and 51% keep them for at least one year, granting 850 impressions.

USBs: 56% of consumers own promo USBs for around 12 months. 41% keep them for over two years, granting 650 impressions. 45% give them away if they don’t want them.
Whether you need branded socks, custom socks, or even other promotional items and products, we are here to help you!

How Businesses Used Company Swag to Help Their Business?

Several businesses in various fields use company swag to promote their business by giving custom swag to their employees, which is also appealing in casual situations and instances.

Car Companies
Car companies are among the businesses that make their brands stand out using company swag. You can find multiple car manufacturers and brands that offer custom socks as promotional products.
Apart from socks, though, they can also use other promotional items such as water bottles, jackets, overwear, and pens and notebooks.

Factory and Manufacturing Companies
You can also find manufacturing companies and factories as part of the demographic offering various socks and products. Many people find factory prints and design alluring and stylish because of the type of visuals they’re offering.

Colleges and Universities
Jackets, sweaters, shirts, and even trousers are the most common company swags schools, and universities offer. They’re so popular that even those who aren’t students wear them. The most shared articles of colleges and universities are sweatshirts and jackets.

Winsell Promotions will never fail you with whatever you want and need to offer as company swag. We have the best and most competitive rates, the fastest and most urgent shipping options, and the most accessible processes for the company swag products you want.


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